About US

Massey Funerals is a Funeral Services Company in Delhi. it Has an Ancestral Experience of Over 4 Decades in Undertaking Various Funerals in Delhi, Transportation of Body/ashes, Coffin Manufacturing, Ambulance Services, Tombstone Work, Flower Arrangement And Cremation Services. We Render Services to All the Religions Across the World. Our Team Works Round the Clock to Cater Best Services And Help Biding Warm Goodbyes to Your Loved Ones. Our Philosophy is Simple – To Provide a Compassionate, Professional Service to Every Family.

We are a professional and compassionate team of funeral who can help you plan and arrange a dignified and memorable farewell for your loved one. We understand that losing someone you care about is a difficult and emotional time, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

The Massey Funeral is the provider of emergency ambulance services, Hearse Van services, Dead Body Transport Service in all over India and Our Staff is dedicated to providing the services with highest level of emergency medical patient care, treatment and transport.

We transport the body of your loved ones to their hometown with care and respect. Our ambulances come with refrigeration which does not let the body decompose until the funeral.